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Our 16th year supplying the world's best flash modifiers !




**The unique “scoop” shape gives superior photographic results and covers your wide angle lenses

**You will never have to point a harsh flash directly at your subject again!

**This is NOT a “bounce card” but a true reflector/diffuser!

**Keeps the flash higher than the lens in both landscape and portrait modes 

**No flash bracket needed - saves weight and the expense of bracket and flash cords that cost up to $200.

**Fits firmly on speed light with strong elastic fabric.  Fast on-off for changing lighting needs

**Softens shadows and places them behind and below subject

**Improves skin tones and spectral high lights - almost totally eliminates "red eye"

**Unlike bounce flash – high and coloured ceilings no problem

**Made of soft, molded, flexible foam that protects equipment from accidental impacts

**Works on any swivel-head flash gun – Canon – Nikon – Vivitar, etc.

**Loses less than 1 F-stop of light

**Measures almost 6 x 9 inches

**Weighs less than 2 ounces


 Models starting at $39.95 USD

Used by thousands of professionals worldwide

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