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Features of the Peri-Scoop by Lite Genius

  • The Peri-Scoop reflector/diffuser is larger than most on-camera, reflector/diffusers used to soften light, but weighs less than all the others. Reflector size is approximately 6 x 8.5 inches (15 x 21 cm), and the total length is 16 inches! Weighs less than 2 ounces!
  • The Peri-Scoop has a true white reflector with a professional black exterior finish. It is made of soft foam reinforced by embedded steel shape supports, so it is very durable and lightweight.
  • The Peri-Scoop reflector can be easily attached to any rotating/tilting head speedlight - Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Metz, Vivitar, etc without the use of sticky disfiguring Velcro. The permanent, strong fabric/elastic strap allows for quick and easy on or off for changing light situations.
  • Changing from portrait to landscape style is very quick while the Peri-Scoop keeps the light coming from a position much higher than the lens. That is the purpose of cumbersome and expensive flash brackets and cords, which could cost over $200.00, but now, with the Peri-Scoop, are not needed. (see image at right)
  • The Peri-Scoop's reflector has a unique shape covering most wide angle lenses - this is the key to the Peri-Scoop reflector's incredible photographic results. (shipped in boxes that protect this unique shape)
  • The tube of the Peri-Scoop is lined with an unbreakable mirror that transmits the light from the flash head to the attached reflector/diffuser area with practically no loss of light brightness (approximately 1/3rd of a stop)
  • The Peri-Scoop's reflector, and the fact that it keeps the light source so far from the lens,  enhances skin tones, almost completely eliminates "red eye" and softens shadows, placing them behind and below the subject. It gives an off-camera flash effect. Unlike using ceiling bounce flash, even with a "bounce card".  hIgh and colored ceilings pose no problem for the Peri-Scoop.

So Why is the Peri-Scoop a "Must Have" for your Flash Photography?

  • Weighs less than 2 ounces
  • Reduces and softens shadows, most shadows disappear behind the subject
  • Soft foam protects equipment & objects on accidental impacts
  • Lights large areas more evenly than direct flash
  • Loses less light than any other reflector/diffuser only 1/3 of a stop more than the Lite-Scoop)
  • Keeps the light source much higher than the lens in both portrait and landscape modes. (like a flash bracket only better)
  • Creates light source 1600 % larger than a Canon 580EX flash (the larger the light source - the softer the light
  • Works indoors and out
  • Eliminates "red-eye" completely
  • Improves skin tones and spectral highlights
  • Easier on your subject's eyes than harsh direct flash
  • Effective under more different circumstances than any other flash modifier available

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